1.  It has been observed that a large No of serving and retired Officers are still not members of the 3 & 9 GR Officers Association (GROA).

2.  The CORs of 3 & 9 GR have desired that all Officers of both Regiments should obtain membership of the Association.

3.  In view of the above, it is requested that all Officers of 3 & 9 GR units who have not yet obtained membership of 3 & 9 GROA may please obtain membership.

4.  Membership form downloadable link and payment related information are given below.

5.  Membership Fee and Banker's details of 3 & 9 GR Officers' Association are as under :-

     (a)     Membership Fee.     Rs 5000/- (Rupees five thousand only) one time.

     (b)     Bank Details.          

              (i)    Account Name     : 3 & 9 GR Officers Association Fund

              (ii)   Account No          : 10174590891

                 (iii)  Name of Bankers : State Bank of India

              (iv)  Branch                  : Defence Banking Branch, 39 GTC, Varanasi                                    

              (v)   IFS Code               : SBIN0008072

              (vi)  MICR Code           : 221002023

6.   Applicants are requested to download the application form from link (MEMBERSHIP FORM) given below and forward duly completed alongwith a passport size coloured photograph and payment details at E-mail address : 01jan.1976@gmail.com.