1.     XTH Reunion was scheduled to be org in 2021 however due to the pandemic the same was postponed to be celebrated at an opportune date once the pandemic was behind us.

2.     With above in view the issue was deliberated upon in various Regimental forums including CoR visit to the Centre on 22 Mar 2022 and accordingly it has been decided to org the event in the third week of November. 

3.    WIth this we have set the process in motion and the prudence demands that as Comdt my first step towards this should be take all my seniors & brother officers on board by giving advance intimation of conduct of the event.  The final dates alongwith detailed itinerary shared shortly.

4.    For your info please.



                                                                                                                             9TH GORKHA RIFLES REGIMENTAL HISTORY

1.         The 9th Gorkha Rifles has five battalions and its history dates back to 1817, when it was raised with Gorkha Volunteers as local Levy from the frontier districts of Fatehgarh and Mainpuri. In 1823, the levy was brought into the folds of regular Army and named the First Battalion, 32 Regiment Bengal Native Infantry and presented with its First Colour. The Second Battalion was raised in 1904, the Third in 1917 and the Fourth during the Second World War. The Fifth Battalion joined the Regiment in 1963.
2.         The Regiment has distinguished itself in many battles and campaigns in the First and Second World Wars and all the battles fought after Independence. The Regt fought the battle of Mesopotamia, Malaya, Middle East, Central Mediterranean and Burma Front. The Third and Fourth Bn of the Regt took part in Chindits Operation which operated behind the enemy lines and waged a guerilla war against the Japanese forces.

Post Independence

3.         9 Gorkha Rifles was one of the Six Gurkha Regiments to be allocated to the Indian Army as part of the Tripartite Agreement between Britain, India and Nepal. Since 1947 the Regiment has fought in the 1947-48, 1962, 1965 and 1971 wars for the country and earned Battle Honours of Phillora, Kumarkhali and Dera Baba Nanak.
4.         Battle Honour : Dera Baba Nanak. The Battle Honour of Dera Baba Nanak was earned by 1/9 GR in 1971 War. The Bn captured a well fortified Battalion Enclave. The backbone of the enemy defence were broken by  capturing the Enclave, PoW's and large War like stores.
5.         Battle Honour : KumarkhalI.     2/9 GR acquitted itself with distinction in OP “CACTUS LILY” in Bangladesh during December 1971. It was conferred with the Battle Honour “KUMARKHALI” and Theatre Honour “EAST PAKISTAN” for the opposed crossing over Madhumati River at Kumarkhali during night 15/16 December 1971 which led to Victory.
6.         Battle Honour : Phillora.   In 1965 Indo-Pak War, 5/9 Gorkha Rifles was tasked to capture Phillora Cross Roads in the Shakargarh Bulge. On 11th September 1965, Maj AK Bagchi, Second-in-Command with two coys cleared the area and captured PHILLORA Cross Road by 1500h after a bitter hand to hand battle. The Battalion was awarded Battle Honour of PHILLORA and Theatre Honour PUNJAB.
8.         The Regt is proud to have all its five bns adorned with COAS Unit Citation. Citations of the Regt are as under :-


9.         Cambrian Patrol Competition     The Regt has done outstandingly well in the Cambrian Patrol Competition conducted by British Army. 4/9 GR (CHINDITS) won the first Gold Medal for the Indian Army whereas 3/9 GR won the Silver Medal later amongst 100 Army Teams from 30 different countries.

                                                                                                                        3RD GORKHA RIFLES REGIMENTAL HISTORY

1.         The origin of the Gorkha Regiments dates back over 200 years to the Anglo – Nepal Wars of 1814-1816.  Impressed & awed by the valiant exploits and martial prowess of the Gorkhas in two long and bloody campaigns, the British offered to the Gorkhas to join the British Army.
2.         THIRD GORKHA RIFLES Regiment originated on 24th April 1815 with the raising of FIRST Battalion at Almora (as Kumaon Provin
cial Battalion, later re-designated as THIRD GURKHA).  The SECOND Battalion was raised at Lansdowne in 1891, while the THIRD and FOURTH Battalions were raised in 1940 during Second World War.  Post Independence, the FOURTH Battalion was demobilized, to be re-raised in 1962 while the FIFTH Battalion joined the Regiment in 1963.
3.         In the first hundred years of its existence, the Regiment participated in several campaigns notably the Second Afghan War and the Great War.  Valiant and heroic deeds in these wars brought the Regiment a large number of gallantry awards (including two VCs during the First World War) and many Battle Honours.
4.         Battale Honour PIRKANTHI        In June 1948, the SECOND Battalion achieved glory by capturing the strategically important ridge of Pirkanthi in Uri Sect.  The Battalion was conferred with the Battle Honours ‘Pirkanthi (Uri)’ the first Battle Honour to be awarded to any Battalion post independence.
5.         Battle Honour Shingo River Valley       During The Indo-Pak war 1971, the young FIFTH Battalion had its baptism by fire.  For the capture of 13 enemy parquets including the formidable HATHIMATHA Complex in Kargil Sect and its impact on operations in the entire theatre, the Battalion was awarded Battle Honour “Shingo River Valley” and “Theatre Honour ‘J & K 1971’”.
6.         Unit Citations          Battalions of the THIRD GORKHA RIFLES have consistently proved their mettle and professionalism in the conduct of operations in J&K Sect, recognised by the award of GOC-in-C Northern Command Unit Citations to SECOND Battalion for Operation VIJAY (1999) & FIFTH Battalion for Operation RAKSHAK (2006).
7.         The Regiment has served with distinction in all active operations, counter insurgency operations in J&K, NE & operation MEGHDOOT.  During operation VIJAY, the FIRST, THIRD, FOURTH and FIFTH Battalions saw active action in Kargil, Dras & Batalik Sectors respectively.  The FIRST & THIRD Battalions have the honour of serving in UN Mission at Rwanda (1994) & Congo (2008-2009) respectively.
8.         The Regiment has produced outstanding sportsmen who have garnered laurels at National & International level in Mountaineering, Football, Boxing & Handball.  The Late Sub Nima Bahadur Dorjee Sherpa, KC, SM**, VSM of FIFTH Battalion was a legend in mountaineering circles and had participated in 28 expeditions in service.  Notable expeditions conducted by the Regiment were Trans-Himalayan trek covering 8000 Km, Mt Panchulli expedition, Panhury expedition & Leo Pargial expedition.  Lately, the Regiment has been achieving laurels at the National level in modern sports like Karate, Kick Boxing, Wushu & Archery.




COAS Citation                                                    

Army Commander's Unit Appreciation                         

1/9 GR

2009, Uri (J&K)

2/9 GR
2001, Naugam (J&K)
2008, 2013 & 2015
2006, Uri (J&K)
2014, 2016
2004, Uri, Naugam, Baramulla
5/9 GR
1997, Sopore

1997, 2008 & 2015